Good for Feeling Good Good for feeling good.

Coconut water is a delicious beverage that's full of electrolytes and vitamin C. We love it. And we think you'll love it too, once you try it and learn about how good it is for your body and the world and all that.

Coconuts? Why?

Full of
Good Stuff
Coconut water contains naturally occurring electrolytes like Potassium and Magnesium, which help keep your body hydrated and functioning properly.
Makes Tastebuds
Coconuts grow on coconut trees. Which grow in coconut groves. Which grow in tropical locations around the world. Which grow in...our daydreams?
Takes you to
the Tropics
Electrolytes like Potassium and Magnesium that are found in coconut water help keep your body hydrated and properly functioning.
Feel Good
Not only do coconuts make you feel good, their production has a positive impact on the communities where they grow.

Our favourites

  • Coconut Water

  • Pressed

  • Choc-o-lot

  • Organic Coconut Oil

“Vita Coco CEO Michael Kirban Challenges Brands To Donate Their COVID Profits To Good”
“Vita Coco Takes on the world”
“'Launching the World Coconut Day capsule collection is an organic way for me to give back to coconut farming communities.” – Bretman Rock”
“Vita Coco Debuts as Public Benefit Corporation, Furthering Commitment of Delivering Better-For-You Products”

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Our Story

A chance encounter in a NYC bar led us to starting Vita Coco. Call it fate!

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Our Impact

Turns out, coconuts can do more than create delicious products. From supporting farming communities to providing accessible nutrition to people who need it, we're committed to spreading the goodness of coconuts around the world.

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B Corp

In 2019 we certified as a B Corp, a business devoted to doing good for both people and planet.

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