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Iftar Bundle

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Ramadan Mubarak from Vita Coco!

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Why Coconut Water for Ramadan?

Nourish your fasting journey with Vita Coco's Ramadan Bundle. Featuring 24 units of original and pressed coconut water, this bundle replenishes electrolytes and offers high levels of vitamin C with low sugar content. Whether enjoyed straight or used in sweet and savory recipes, Vita Coco's coconut water adds refreshing replenishment and flavor to your Iftar gatherings. Stay revitalised and nourished this sacred season.

What's Inside Iftar Bundle

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  • “Favorite coconut water”
  • “Delicious coconut water and delivered to your home..what more can you ask for.”
  • “Favorite coconut water”
  • “There's nothing better than a cold carton of coconut water.”
    -eleao w.

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